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29.MAY.2008 - 'Fractals' section added.

I have loved fractal images for quite some time now, but I have never really been all that good at making them. To cut a life story short, I have found a mac program and a few internet tutorials that help out us fractal-virgins. The program is only a trial, but I am t3h ub3R h4xXx. I have only made three fractals so far, but they now have their very own home in the 'Look' tab, above. I spent roughly one hour on each of them, fine-tuning as best I could.

(Warning! 1920 x 1200 pixels.)



28.MAY.2008 - Two old songs added to mp3 playlist.

My dad recently got an email of some dude called Andy Cox, who I had been in contact with about three years ago. This guy makes music as well and we were attempting to do a few collab projects together at the time. The email had a song attatched, which he had recently finished, and it features a part of a tune that I had made waaay back in the day.

I had forgotten about this song completely and ended up fishing around in my old Gmail account for it. Anyway, I found the song, and some other one that I had lost back in 2006. I have uploaded them to the site and they are now both streamable and downloadable in the 'Listen' section, above.

You'll have to look down the list a bit because I order the playlist by date of completion. So, these two songs are some of my earliest work. One is called 'Never Forget (Get Off Annette)' and the other (the one used by Mr. Cox) is a remix of the old Steeleye Span song, 'Gaudete'. And... It's me on drums!

Also, here is a video of Steeleye Span performing 'Gaudete' live.

24.MAY.2008 - New video - 'Facial Deformity Guy'.

Okay, so this is actually a serious video. It's about the people who have been making fun of me on YouTube. Click on 'Watch', above, or click HERE.

18.MAY.2008 - Mp3's are now downloadable.

Thanks to my dear friend, Stu, for giving me the idea to make my mp3's downloadable as well as streamable. Go to the 'Listen' page to find out how to get all my crazy jams on your gayPod. Woah! Three updates in one day?! I must be Jesus Christ, himself.

18.MAY.2008 - New video - 'Drunk & Horny'.

I put up a new video on YouPube. Click on 'Watch', above, or click HERE.

18.MAY.2008 - Complete site redesign.

As you can see, the site is completely different. This is because the old one was kinda too 'in-your-fucking-face-ish'. Plus, I am currently living in Europe for around a year, so this new design is for all you Eurofags.

Nothing really to report on... All the original content is here. I have added a couple of links here at the side, one explaining who the bloody hell I am + what the site is all about, and the other slams to my MySpace Euroblogs. Have a snoop around. If you see any broken links or whatever, give me a right good telling off via electronic mail at alienredwolf@gmail.com.

Oh, there is one thing... I am currently working on a little side project, called Oteetee, for more 'actually electronic' music. Only made one song so far. Check it out HERE.