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23.JUN.2008 - Check it out!

I got an email recently from a couple living in Monaco, who have successfully started their own web design business. They had read something I had posted in a European forum somewhere, stating that I was into multimedia/design and the likes. So we met up and talked a litte about what they were looking for I what I was 'offering' and it turns out that all three of us are TOTALLY AWESOME!

I am goign to start doing some freelance work for them as of today, but to start off I am only going to be helping out on some projects and try to add my own abstract flare to the company. Check out their site or I'll stomp on a cat.


19.JUN.2008 - Two new videos + one more blog!

I have crammed two more video's onto my YouTube acount. One of which is a dude that I created in the new 'Spore Creature Creator'. He has a swinging penis and large testicles. The other is a video I recorded on my camera phone today at work of blood gushing out of my hand. I seem to be rather accident-prone when it comes to BROKEN GLASS. As always, you can click on the 'Watch' tab, above, to view all my YouTube shit.

Also, I have put a new Euroblog on my Mypace. Click on the FUCKING OBVIOUS button over there on the left.

11.JUN.2008 - One of my songs used in a popular game!

Some guy called 'Raitendo' made a game called 'Doeo!' and put it up on Newgrounds, Kongregate, and a few other popular game websites. The cool thing is that he uses my oralpop song, 'We Filled Nora' for the music on one of the levels (level 6 I think).

Super trippy, I was just browsing around for games and landed on this one and my song slams on. Anyway, it makes me happy and I got a whole bunch of nice comments.


09.JUN.2008 - New video - 'WTF Drunk Skit'.

I'm going to start to do some character-based improv-sketch-type videos. I just did this as a test really, but it ended up being lame enough to put up on the web.


03.JUN.2008 - New video - 'The Biggest Beer'.

I had too much to drink... Click 'Watch', above or click HERE, here.

02.JUN.2008 - New video - 'Beer-Pie'.

I made a shitty video. Visit HERE to pube it, or click on 'Watch', above.

Also, you may have noticed that all of last month's news has disappeared. Well... You are a dumbass because it actually hasn't. I have added a news archive here at the bottom of the page, you dork!