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31.JUL.2008 - A few new videos.
Since the last update I have shat out 3 more videos for you to watch.

HERE - Getting drunk and stupid on absinthe.
HERE - The third 'Experimental Beatbox'.
HERE - Stretching my face skin.

What... EVER!!!

20.JUL.2008 - New song + new video!

Hey gang, I have finally finished a song that I have been working on for months. It isn't one of my oralpop beatbox-type tunes, it is an 'actual electronic music' song made with a MIDI keyboard and GarageBand. I'd call it a mix of drum & bass, acid techno and IDM, but that's just me. Technically it isnt by 'ALIEN REd WOLf', but luckily for you, I made a side project not too long ago called 'Oteetee', for this sort of thing.

Click HERE to go to my alternate myspace, and listen to my balls.

Ooh! and also, I made a video of the GarageBand file playing through just to show the work I put in and to get the YouTube gang on my side. You can see that HERE.


12.JUL.2008 - New FUCKING video - 'Two Faces'.

I am quite aware that all I have been uploading lately is PubeTube shit, but this is all I have to offer at the moment, so bare with me.

Anyway, I have made a new one. CLICK ON MY ACTUAL SPHINCTER to view it.

There should be a comic coming soon.

08.JUL.2008 - New video - 'Weirdest Noise EVER!'.

I unintentionally just recorded this fucking trippy voicebox-sound, after listening to 'DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince'. I assure you... This is an unedited video.

And yeah...The new haircut sucks camel balls.

03.JUL.2008 - New video - 'Drunk Beatbox 03'.

I attempted 'Drunk Beatbox 03' tonight, after drinking roughly 12 pints of beer/cider.

01.JUL.2008 - New video - 'Facebook'.

I put some new drunk video on my PUBE ACCOUNT. Also, June's news can be found on the bottom of the page. By the way, you are a dork.