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12.OCT.2008 - 'Quinary Cucurbita' added to YouTube.

You guessed it... Oralpop song number five, 'Quinary Cucurbita', has found it's way onto YouTube.com - I wonder what it sounds like? Let's find out together!


10.OCT.2008 - 'Rofl, A New Idle' added to YouTube.

My fourth oralpop song, 'Rofl, A New Idle', has made it to the big screen! Not like a theatre size screen, but pretty big though. Well, it depends on how big your screen is, I guess. It made it to a screen though! Screens are fun.


04.OCT.2008 - New video - 'Bubble Noise'.

I somehow figured out that I can make this 'bubbly' sound with my mouth. Take a look.


03.OCT.2008 - More 'Nasal Coin Ingestion' news.

Some 'cool' 'dudes' made a video response to that clip I made where I shove coins in my nose. You can watch it HERE. Also, that awesome website StupidVideos.com has taken an interest to my shit, so there might be an official partnership coming between us both. We'll get along like a house on fire!

Ooh! And in there was a puppy in the house! Don't worry though, the puppy had a magical power where it could turn into a fire-proof puppy at will! But the puppy was too zoned out because of all the toxic smoke filling it's little puppy-lungs to use his magical puppy-power.

The puppy is long dead... But, the house and the fire are still getting along juuust fine.

- The End -
(Credits roll)