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12.JAN.2009 - Happy New Year! Not-so-happy new video!

Hey, do you guys like Canadians? Well... I know I sure do. There is one of them living in my house as we speak. He is always sneaking in to my room to steal my livestock. I caught him in the act not too long ago and as punishment, I made him take part in this GAY video. It involves me shooting myself in the head with a pump-action BB gun.

Also, it looks like my near-year long adventure in Europe is coming to a close. I will be returning to Perth, Western Australia, quite shortly. Much beer will be drunk and much sperm will be jazzed. I hear that this 'D To Tha Frizzle' fag will be knocking up a website soon as well.

See you later Europe, you big, black sonofabitch.