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27.FEB.2009 - WAR!!!

You know how I was totoally radical in Amsterdam and got a giraffe tattoo on my shoulder? And then I put it on The Universal Record Database? Well it turns out that some tricky little trickster has beaten me. Mike MacDonald has a tattoo boasting an astounding 3 giraffes. He did this just to beat me and it's really getting on my nerves. This means war, Mike MacDonald. GIRAFFE TATTOO RELATED SHOULDER WAR!

26.FEB.2009 - New video - 'Caught Jacking Off'.

I just realised that I hadn't updated the site in ages, so I made some shitty little video.


I am however working on some new music for you to put mustard on. A new oralpop is in the works and I am trying to create my first dubstep track. Oh yeah, and I'm back in Western Australia and shit. This place is hotter than Macaulay Culkin.