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26.MAY.2009 - New video - 'How To Make A Bloody Mary'!

I hope you enjoy this little cocktail demonstration I threw together. Subtitles have been added for the hearing impaired.


12.MAY.2009 - 3 new videos!

Hey guys, it's been a while. I've not been doing much on the site lately because... Well, because I'm a lazy asshole. There, I said it. You happy now?

I have however made 3 little videos over the last few weeks, the first being a clip of my two doggies just wobbling around, the second is me smashing an empty bottle of beer over my face, and the most recent is some drunken footage from my time spent in Monaco earlier this year. Here they are in order...

So yeah, that was fun. Keep your eyes peeled on the site gang, I'm gunna start asking people to dare me to do things for upcoming videos. Start cooking up some ideas!