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05.DEC.2009 - Site update.

Hello, I really gotta start updating the site more often, what a boring past 4 months you must have all had. Sadly, there still isn't much for me to offer you. I made a gay video of me telling some shitty jokes a while back, and more recently I filmed my dogs and overdubbed their voices...

The reason why I havent been updating the site is because I am a huge dickhead, but a brilliant excuse would be that I am working on a very silly cartoon called "Willy Bum Bum", which I am, but it's not a 4 month project or anything. Here are some screen shots for you to prepare you for this madness. Madness? THIS IS SPARTA!!!


Also, I am in a kick-ass band at the moment and we are recording our first studio album towards in the upcoming weeks, hopefully it will be releasable early next year. Thanks for dropping by.