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29.JAN.2010 - Banners!

Nothing really special, just putting up some old banners so you can link to my site from your own site. Click HERE to go to the 'slightly updated' downloads page.

21.JAN.2010 - New drawing!

This is just a quick entry to show you the new drawing I did for the current www.iLoveAiB.com contest. Here it it now...

No real meaning behind it, you make up your own meaning. Oh and If you click on either of my two entries (this one and the one below) it will now take you to the page where you can vote for them. VOTE 10!!!

19.JAN.2010 - New friendship!

First off, I hope you all had a very awesome Christmas and New Years!

Now all the soppy stuff is out of the way, guess what!? ALIEN REd WOLf has teamed up with the brand new and funky artist community, "Art Is Business" (iLoveAiB.com). You have probably noticed the banner at the top of the homepage and the new sidebar button. Get your ass over to the site and register! They already have a tonne of members from around the world and have a competition going at the moment called "Love is...?". My entry is:

Get it? It's because I am a wanker. Join up today and enter the competition. Prizes include a new iMac, t-shirts, passport sneakers, iPod touch, mp3 player, magazines and drawin tablets! GO GO GO!!!