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05.MAY.2010 - New cartoon - "Willy Bum Bum".

That's right, folks! My new cartoon is finally here! It took me a while to get it completed because it isn't really fun drawing dicks and assholes every day. As you can see, the homepage is looking a little different, and it will probably stay like this for a while to give 'Willy Bum Bum' the most exposure. Click on the links on the right of the video to do things. Tell EVERYONE!!!

01.MAY.2010 - New rap - D To Tha Frizzle has entered an MC competition!

Whaddup play-play? Just droppin' a little news update to tell you that D To Tha Frizzle has entered a rap competition and he wants your opinion, yo. The beat was supplied by Aussie rapper M-Phazes and the winner gets to professionally record that shit in a studio and has the chance to perform live on stage with him.

Click the fuckin' picture to go to the site. The play button is on the right side of the page. Listen to Grindin' My Gears featuring M-Phazes.


Also, if you could rate it '5 stars' and write an epic review, you'll get yo dick sucked. The bottom line is this... M-Phazes choses the one he likes best, but the more Frizzle-hype there is, the better. Peace.