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12.NOV.2010 - Movember!

Almost two weeks into movember and I am sporting a very unimpressive moustache. Please donate any money you can spare to MY MOSPACE. Everything goes to charity.


08.NOV.2010 - Join the Willy Bum Bum facebook group!



02.NOV.2010 - New Frizzle collab track!

Head on over to my ReverbNation page for the latest collab between D To Tha Frizzle and X.p.l.i.c.i.t. Or, you can just suck my TITS and listen to it right here.


02.NOV.2010 - Very miniscule site makeover!

Hey gangbangers, I have updated the site ever so slightly. It now has a funky wallpaper, a Facebook 'like button' and 'comments box', and there is a handy widget to subscribe to my YouTube channel with just a single click!

I am working on a new animated short. It's very short but I'm sure you will get a giggle out of it. It will be called "The Florist And The Jew".

Not much else to ramble on about at this moment in time, but there will be new music and drawings up as soon as I GET LAID.