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21.DEC.2012 - Oteetee's début album "Other Than Thought" OUT NOW!
Oteetee - Other Than Thought - Out Now!

Oh hell yes! Oteetee's début album "Other Than Thought" has just officially been released on iTunes and many other online music stores!

You may have also realised that I have ever so slightly tweeked the counter at he top of the page. It has been counting down since May, 2008 which is when this newer version of the site was created and roughly around the time when I started making music under the psudonym 'Oteetee'.

So there we have it... That was fun! If you haven't already, check out my sister-site www.oteetee.com for all the latest goss, and maybe even treat yourself to a download of my first album. It would mean the world to me!

I will be having a release party/gig with physical copies and merch at some point next year in Melbourne, but for now, digital is the way to go!

Thanks again, and happy holidays!