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  19.DEC.2008 - England.

As hinted by the title of this news entry, this is going to be something to do with England. I'm leaving again, this time to the UK to spend Christmas and New Year with family and friends. I won't be back unitl early January so don't expect any astonishing updates on the site. From all of us here at alienredwolf.com (i.e. me), have a Merry Chistmas, a Happy New Year and all that bollocks.

17.DEC.2008 - New video - 'Experimental Beatbox 03'.

Woah! Two updates in the same FUCKING day? I must be DOWN SYNDROMED. Anyway, here is a GAY video of me making some FACE-NOISE.


17.DEC.2008 - New comic - 'Condom'.

There is a new comic. It is called 'Condom'. Clickoris.

15.DEC.2008 - 'Futuristic Faggot Factory' uploaded to YouTube.

Yes sir, I just slopped my 7th ever oralpop song onto YouTube. Click these wonderful BOLD GREEN CAPITAL LETTERS to watch it. I swear on my own arse that there will be some NEW music on the site in the not too distant future.

13.DEC.2008 - End of Eurotrip!

Yeah, you guessed it, I'm back off my Eurotrip! Quick overview on the places I went... London, Dublin, Paris, Disneyland, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Schladming, Venice, and then back home to Monaco... Now as I promised, there are tonnes of new photos up on my Facebook account. There is no point in me uploading them here.

Fun fact: I got my cheek pierced and a tattoo of a giraffe on my shoulder in Amsterdam.

Funner fact: I currently hold the world record for the most giraffe tattoos on a shoulder. Don't believe me? Well LOOK OVER HERE, YOU BIG SHIT!

There will be some more things coming soon-ish, I promise. I still got a bit of travelling to do around Europe. I'm gunna work on some dubstep-themed tunes under Oteetee, I'm pretty sure that D To Tha Frizzle is keen on making a new rap, and hell, I might just take up drawing again.

Keep on comin' back!