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31.AUG.2008 - D To Tha Frizzle has started recording again.

Hey guys, I made a video of me beatboxing a while ago, but enough about that. I heard that D To Tha Frizzle has started recording songs again. Apparantly there is some YouTube video of him busting out mad freestyles. Oh... Here it is.


25.AUG.2008 - New video - 'Nasal Cable'.

I get my iPod cable, I shove one end into my nostril, I pull the other end out of my throat and I recorded this video to show you all how it went down.


17.AUG.2008 - New video - 'Spirit Of The Q-Tip'.

A lame and racist attempt at a sequel to my first 'nasal insertion' video...

11.AUG.2008 - 'Nasal Coin Ingestion' getting pretty famous.

The last video I recorded is kinda getting popular... As I mentioned, it has been featured on CollegeHumor.com, but I just found out that I am the #1 clip and apparantly "top of the internet" for a talk-show in America called 'Attack Of The Show'. A dude and dudette start talking about me towards the end of the top 5 countdown and the 'best parts' of my video are shown. CLICK HERE TO WATCH (I come in at 7:43). The video has appeared on countless other funny clip sites and it has been captioned "You should see where he keeps his bills." on most of them.

In case you haven't seen it the original video...

Now you have.

11.AUG.2008 - New video - 'Nasal Coin Ingestion'.

It's kinda gross, but I just recorded myslef shoving 8 coins into my nostril. I have pretty big nostril. Please send me email or comment with things that you would like to see shove in nostril.

WOAH!!! This video was also featured on CollegeHumor.com!


Cheers guys!

07.AUG.2008 - New month, new shit.

I made a new video last night and I wrote a new blog a few days ago. THE END.