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28.SEP.2008 - 'Old War Feline' added to YouTube.

The 'YouTube oralpop extravaganza' continues with my third oralpop song, ' Old War Feline'. If you don't watch it... I'll hunt you down, boy.


22.SEP.2008 - New video - 'My Horny Verjayjay'.

Wow... This is what loads of Bacardi & Coke does to you, apparantly.


17.SEP.2008 - New video - 'Odd Facial Expressions'.

I got inspiration off a dude called Brandon Hardesty and I made a video of me pulling some ridiculous faces and making silly noises.


16.SEP.2008 - 'Lone Warfield' added to YouTube.

You guessed it, the second oralpop song I ever made... 'Lone Warfield'.


11.SEP.2008 - Ingenious idea!

I'm going to start to upload my oralpop songs to YouTube to try and get to a wider audience. I am using screen capture software and an iTunes visualisation to provide the supporting video, because I can't totally be bothered making the video clips my self at the moment. I hope this isn't illegal.

The first oralpop song to be uploaded is (quite unsurprisingly) the first oralpop song I ever made made! I present... 'We Filled Nora'... From 2006... In 2008.

Oh, and happy September 11th.

11.SEP.2008 - I'm getting slightly less unpopular.

I just noticed that some cool 'website' website, has posted a lovely little site review for www.alienredwolf.com! They found me through that game Doeo! that features one of my oralpop diddies. The odd thing about this review is that the section it has been placed under is titled 'Great Unpopular Websites' so this means that my site is GREAT! YEAH!!! But, it also means that it is unpopular. AWWW :(

Anyway, I'm babbling now... HERE is the link to the site review.

05.SEP.2008 - New video - 'I Can Only Go Shorter'.

I basically just shaved my head. Oh, and I blogged out a couple of days ago.