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18.APR.2009 - I got beaten the fuck up.

Man, I'm starting to get pisseed off. I get beaten up and spend 3 hours in a hospital
and all you get in return is a lousy video of me documenting this occasion.

02.APR.2009 - Loads of semi-interesting crap.

Fuck, what the hell happened to March? I avoided that month like it had gonorrhea.

On a less 'March-related' note, I believe I made a video a while ago called 'Private Macca'. It will be a complete waste of your time if you watch it.

On a slightly more 'March-related' note, how fucking awesome is the word 'March'!? IT'S THE NAME OF A MONTH AND IT'S A GODDAM MLLITARY WALK!!! WOAH!!!

On a slightly less 'March-related' note, I just finished making a song which I have literally been making for an exaggerated amount of time. It is an attempt at that crazy-ass genre 'dubstep' which you guys have been hearing so much about. You can either listen to it HERE ON MY OTHER MYSPACE or give me a blow job.

Also, I think I just made another ridiculously shit video. Oh look, I did.

Tune in next month!